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The Game

Human experiment hospital is a top down 2D arcade style shooter. In the aftermath of an earthquake our hero, Ray Jay Grey, escapes from the facility only to be assaulted by the hospital’s other experiments. Take on multiple enemies utilising the variety of weapons at your disposal in your quest to reach the highest score possible! The enemies attack in a never ending stream hoping to overcome you. Make use of the health power ups on your way to a new high score and do our best to avoid the narrow corridors the enemy will attempt to trap you in! Can you kill them fast enough to survive? How many exploded corpses will lie in you wake? It’s time to test yourself and find out. 

Key Features:

  • A  multitude of enemy types
  • 4 Weapons to choose from
  • Exploding Enemies
  • Power Ups
  • 3 Levels

Game Controls: 

  • The arrow keys move the player around
  • The mouse points the player in the intended direction
  • Mouse button 1 fires the selected weapon
  • Number keys 1-4 select each weapon type


This game is a Top Down 2D shooter. It is rated T for Teen.  The will play on Windows and some Macs.

Install instructions

  1. Download the Zip file
  2. Unzip it by right clicking and selecting extract all
  3. Open the Game folder and select BetaBuild.exe 



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